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About Florida Docks Florida

We aim to be the preferred choice for both lake homeowners and marinas, offering floating docks and ports that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics. Our goal is to enhance the quality of time spent on or around the water by providing solutions that are not only supremely practical but also visually appealing.

Flexibility is key, and with Floating Docks Florida, our Docks and Wave Ports™ are designed with modularity in mind. Assemble them into countless layouts, tailored precisely to your preferences. Utilize our user-friendly Custom Dock Builder to craft your dream dock seamlessly from your computer or tablet. Design, customize, and even submit your creation for a quote request.

Vision and Mission

Since our inception, our mission has been to leverage our extensive experience to create a product line that goes beyond the ordinary. Our innovative Wave Dock™ and Wave Port™ systems not only prioritize durability and functionality but also set a new standard with a superior design element. While many floating docks and port systems on the market focus primarily on functionality, Floating Docks Florida stands out by incorporating a flagstone paver-style textured finish and utilizing our patented H-Beam Connection system. This ensures a more dynamic and aesthetically pleasing topside surface, elevating the overall experience of the water.

Please Don’t Hesitate To Call

Feel free to give us a call anytime; we’re here to assist you.


Jason Caceres

Our shift from a Wave Armor floating dock/equipment has brought us immense satisfaction and happiness. Myles demonstrated remarkable creativity in devising a solution that perfectly suited our needs, and he and his team executed the implementation seamlessly and efficiently.



We're delighted that we made the transition to Wave Armor - it's more robust, simpler to clean, and eliminates the need for constant maintenance. Observing our children enjoy the APEX for the jet ski, engage in fishing off the docks, and use the ladder for swimming brings us immense joy.


Leonard Heiser

Our rental facility greatly appreciates the convenience of Wave Armor docks. The ease of on and off operations is a game-changer for us, considering the frequent use of our docks. The soft wheels make the process gentle on the hulls, adding an extra layer of assurance to our operations.

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