Innovative NEW bridge dock design featuring an arch strategically located in the middle of the section which allows water to flow freely underneath, reducing water pressure, algae, and debris to build up. A 60” x 120” dock section with a bridged bottom is engineered to provide the same buoyance as a standard dock section. The Wave Armor bridge dock section is unlike other floating dock systems providing the pass-through and preventing build-up and water stagnation. In high current areas, the bridge dock section allows water to move under your dock preventing undo pressure on your floating dock system. The bridge dock also provides the perfect access under the floating docking system to run cords or ropes for your water accessories without needing to dive under the water or go completely around the dock.

The Wave Armor bridge dock is made to connect with all of Wave Armor’s various dock sections and accessories. You can also use multiple bridge docks together for your entire docking system.


  • Rotationally Molded, UV-protected polyethylene
  • 2-piece design (top deck and foam-filled bottom float)
  • Flagstone textured deck surface
  • Allows water to flow through and adds an attractive architectural design element to the Wave Armor docking system
  • Connects to our Wave Armor dock system and accessories
  • Foam-filled bottom float with suctioning pockets
  • Molded-in H-Beam channels (all sides)
  • Molded-in perimeter attachment slots (for adding Wave Dock Accessories)
  • Dimensions: 60” W x 120” L x 18.5” H
  • Available Color: Pebble Beach

A forklift is required for delivery. See Terms & Conditions & Shipping Policy for more information.

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Weight   425 lbs
Dimensions  60 × 120 × 17 in


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